WAWG -15


Drawing from our roots in design and experience innovation, we created this unique activation around a central theme: Where Are We Going? This ultimate question served as a catalyst for discussion both on and off the bus. The ubiquitous traveling RV roamed the streets of Austin as hundreds of SXSW attendees climbed onto the bus and into the conversation.

The Lippincott sponsored and designed {RV}IP served Austin visitors from March 7 to March 9. The experience represented driving toward what’s next — both literally and figuratively — and embracing possibilities for greater connection, engagement and, of course, fun along the way.

Celebrities, journalists and tech innovators joined the experience, including actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Superbad), the cast of Mike Judge’s new comedy “Silicon Valley” (HBO), New York Times media writer David Carr, WIRED VP & Publisher Howard Mittman, musical artist Leah Siegel, longtime tech journalist Rob Pegoraro, and film critic Ben Lyons.

The bus also boasted engineers from AirBnB, Uber, and IBM, and engineers, writers and producers from Funny or Die. The {RV}IP was a trending topic on Twitter, helping to promote the Lippincott brand, our #LippExperience buzz, and our ability to create breakthrough experiences.